Become a Partner

Reach a growing community of solopreneurs and small business owners that are ready to launch, build and grow their business with the help of Clever Me’s marketing services and products.

As a partner, you are helping to do the following:

  • Spread the word about Clever Me services and products;

  • Educate the Clever Me community by providing personalized training and resources that will help our audience to develop, implement, or execute tactical marketing or business strategies; and

  • Sell relevant business and marketing resources that will impact our audience and customers companies.

Benefits For You

The Clever Me Partnership Program offers opportunities to develop personalized education and training resources using our platform, templates, and other related software, tools, and resources to share/sell to your audience.

Also, earn a percentage of the sales in one of two ways when you:

  • Work with Clever Me to develop an e-course; webinar; workbook; or any other educational/training product. You will receive a 30% cut on every purchase from all new customers for a full year.

  • For every referred customer that signs up for Clever Me coaching sessions or purchases a Clever Me product, you will receive a 10% cut for a full year.

Please note that if a buyer makes a purchase using a promo discount code, your earnings for that sale will be based on the reduced purchase amount.

How to get started

For additional information or to submit a question(s), email us at

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