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WATCH video: EXPERT TIPS ON HOW TO PITCH TO JOURNALISTS with Writer and Consultant Katharine Paljug

Discover how to pitch to journalists to gain publicity for your business. You will learn:

  • Who to pitch (choosing relevant queries to respond to plus how to find writers to pitch directly);

  • How to stand out (why you need a unique spin and how to find one); and

  • How to answer a query (what to include in your pitch, what to leave out, and how long it should be).

Online Courses

Clever Start: Jumpstart Your Business! (7-Day Email Course)

Clever Start: Jumpstart Your Business is a seven-day email course with daily prompts and strategies to help you identify your skills, experience, and the market need of your business idea, one of the first few steps to help you solidify a business concept and develop an effective marketing plan.

Includes: The Clever Concept Toolkit, market research guide, and a 1-hour group coaching session.

There are only 10 openings available.

Hold your spot now!

Course begins January 7, 2019.

live Workshops

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